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Forwarding company Magellan

The Magellan forwarding company consists of a group of young people who – thanks to their diverse experience in many forwarding companies – were able to create a dynamically developing transport company that currently cooperates with numerous countries both within and outside the European Union.

We owe our success to the hard work and the highest quality of services we provide, thanks to which we have gained the sympathy and trust of both our customers and other companies with whom we cooperate. As a result, we are able to provide transport services at the highest level!

We have gained extensive experience working both in large forwarding corporations and smaller, private transport companies. Thanks to this, by supporting each other, we always find a solution to every situation.

Domestic and international forwarding – Magellan

Our diverse experience and a wide range of services make us able to meet the needs of customers from various industries. We cooperate with both large corporations with global reach and small, local enterprises dealing mainly with domestic transport. Of course, such a broad spectrum of services would not be possible without an appropriate fleet and a well-organized communication system – in our forwarding company, we have both! Our fleet consists of modern vehicles adapted to the transport of various goods, and innovative communication methods ensure us excellent contact with customers!

Our motto is speed, robustness, and reliability in action. We guarantee timely deliveries and safety of entrusted loads/cargo

We are professionals; therefore each of our customers can count on express transport with a guarantee of safety

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important for us, that is why our services are comprehensive. Thanks to this, we value the time and money of our customers

The team

Our team consists of people with a passion who focus on the high quality of services provided. Our priority is customer satisfaction. We adapt our services to the individual needs of customers. Our customers are both global companies as well as companies that are taking their first steps on the domestic market. We support manufacturing and trade companies as well as importers and exporters in the organization of cargo transport between all countries of the European Union, Southern, and Eastern Europe.

We want to be an alternative to forwarding behemoths, introduce freshness, youth, and passion to the industry. We want to show that you can achieve success with a little effort, willingness, and commitment, setting new standards in the shipping industry.

We are characterized by reliability, flexibility and high responsibility.


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