Intermodal transport

We offer intermodal transport to the Magellan forwarding company customers. Fast and cheap transport of goods.

Intermodal transport also called combined transport, involves the use of more than one means of transport. Cargo transportation takes place along the entire route in the same loading unit, for example, container, railway vehicle, or ship, without reloading of goods. Intermodal transport is becoming more and more popular among companies and enterprises facing the challenge of fast and cheap transport of goods.

The main advantage of intermodal transport is lower cost in comparison to other types of transport. Emissions of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere are also significantly reduced, which makes intermodal transport to be one of the most environmentally friendly. In addition, it allows for the delivery of cargo on time, especially in international transport, in larger batches and without the risk of damage to the goods.

Advantages of intermodal transport

Like any other type of transport, intermodal transport also has its drawbacks. The most crucial is the need to equip railway terminals with advanced handling/reloading equipment that enable efficient and safe transportation of multi-ton loads/cargo.

As part of a comprehensive range of transport services, we provide our customers with the possibility of intermodal transport. We provide full service at every stage of intermodal transport. Please contact us to discuss the details of the cooperation and request a quote.


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