Maritime transport

Do you need to transport large and heavy shipments and over long distances? Are they looking for the optimal means of transport?

We encourage you to get familiar with maritime transport services. Our experienced forwarding company reliably carries out orders for maritime transport throughout Europe.

We offer maritime transport of groupage, full container as well as oversized cargo, and more. Based on many years of experience in the industry, we provide clear conditions for cooperation, safe maritime transport of goods and their delivery on time at a selected European port.

Maritime forwarding – advantages and disadvantages

Maritime transport allows carrying large amounts of cargo at a time and on long distances. Thanks to this, maritime transport is better than air transport when it comes to capacity. In addition, maritime transport allows you to transport almost any type of goods in a relatively cheap way.

Despite its advantages, maritime transport is addressed to companies that do not need fast delivery of goods to the designated place. In addition to the relatively long transport time, maritime transport can cause significant environmental pollution in the event of leaks in open waters. Its disadvantage is also the necessity to follow the designated sea routes. In this respect, airway transport is a much more flexible way of transport.


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