Transport of refrigerated cargo

Transporting certain products requires special handling and appropriate conditions

Transport of refrigerated cargo is a special type of transport. Goods that require constant temperature control are more demanding because in addition to safety and the time of transport – they require a specific temperature. Refrigerated trucks are used to transport products with a very wide range of constant and controlled temperatures – this applies to both frozen food and loads that require heating.

International transport of refrigerated cargo
The refrigerated vehicles are most often used to transport food products (such as fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen foods, ice cream), but also medicines, chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our company guarantees that even the most demanding loads will reach its destination without any damage.

We provide services related to domestic refrigerated transport for years, which is why we provide customers with excellent service and satisfaction. In our portfolio, you will find many demanding orders that we successfully and safely delivered on time to a designated place in any place in Poland.

Domestic transport of refrigerated cargo
Our services are characterized by safety and responsibility for the important task entrusted to us. We always put customer satisfaction in the first place, which is why services of domestic and international transport of refrigerated cargo provided by our company guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


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